What’s Clogging Your Bathroom Sink?

Bathroom plumbing in Northbrook, Il is no exception to clogs. Unlike kitchen sinks, you may not know exactly what is clogging your bathroom sink. After all, the only things that go down your bathroom sink are water and hand soap. Unfortunately, there are four common reasons that your bathroom sink may clog that you may haven’t considered.


The most common reason that your bathroom sink is clogged is because of a buildup of hair. When hair is wet, it clumps together in the perfect way to catch on the side of your pipes on the way down. To make matters worse, the more pressure that water in your drain produces, the more the hair will clump together. This essentially creates a net that catches other particles that are sent down the drain.

Regardless of the type of hair that goes down the drain, it will still clog it. To combat this, install a drain straining device to keep hair from building up.

Soap Scum

Soap scum is a chalky, filmy substance that attaches to the sides of your bathroom pipes. It develops when the chemicals in the soap react with calcium and magnesium ions that are in the water. Over time, this soap scum can build up as well as get caught in hair within the pipes. Removing soap scum from the sides of your bathroom sink pipes can be tricky, so it may be necessary to call our team instead.

Damaged Pipes

Damaged pipes may also be the culprit behind problems with your bathroom plumbing in Northbrook, Il. Corroded pipes can restrict water flow significantly. If your pipes aren’t fastened properly, they may shift over time and cause water flow blockage as well.

No one wants to experience a clogged sink every time they use the bathroom. Contact our team at BMW Plumbing, Inc. as soon as you notice a problem.

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