What is a Water Hammer?

Water hammer is something that you have likely experienced, but you weren’t sure it was called that. If you have heard a thumping or a pounding noise coming from your pipes when you turn off your faucet, this is called a water hammer. This sound occurs due to water suddenly changing in direction, such as when you turn the faucet off. This change causes pressure waves in the pipes and can cause serious pipe damage. To fix this problem, here’s what our plumber in Northbrook, Il recommends.

Install an Air Chamber

If you install an air chamber, this will prevent water from being able to produce the waves that travel through the pipe and make the loud noises. If you aren’t sure what an air chamber is, our plumber in Northbrook, Il can help install a chamber for you. It is a vertical pipe that is located in the same wall cavity that the valves that turn off and on the water are. We will be able to tell whether or not you have an air chamber and if it is working properly.

Reduce Pressure

If the pressure within your pipes is too high, it may cause a water hammer to develop. You can install a water pressure regulator to help detect how high the pressure is. They are installed at the location where the main water supply enters your home. They are also useful for protecting your dishwasher, toilets and other water-sourced appliances from damage.

If you have a frustrating water hammer in your home or place of business, please call our plumber in Northbrook, Il for professional assistance.

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