The Difference Between Hard and Soft Water

Water plays an integral part of our daily routines; from brushing our teeth to showering to drinking, water is extremely important to our health. However, if you’re like most Chicagoland residents, you haven’t spent much time thinking about the type of water that is dripping from your faucet. As providers of residential plumbing services in Northbrook, Il, our team at BMW Plumbing, Inc. can help explain the differences you need to know.

Hard Water

The first type of water is referred to as hard water, and it has not gone through any type of chemical processing. The only type of filter that this water goes through is all-natural, as it is filtered by stones or mineral deposits. Hard water deposits may build up inside of your pipes and cause corrosion, resulting in your boilers or hot water heaters to not work as effectively as they should.

Most homeowners are not aware that hard water could potentially be causing issues inside of their pipes. Be on the lookout for the following warning signs:

  • A crusty, white buildup on the head of your shower or around faucets
  • A sulfur-like smell
  • Stiff clothing after it has been washed
  • The buildup of soap scum in your sinks or showers
  • Dry skin and dull hair

Soft Water

The other type of water is soft water, and, unlike hard water, it has been processed to remove mineral deposits. Soft water is better for your pipes and fixtures because it does not leave any buildup or cause damage. One facet of our residential plumbing services near Northbrook, Il is water softener installation to help your appliances last longer, your skin and hair to look healthier, and an overall cleaner home.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for more information on hard vs. soft water!

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