Taking Care of Your Sump Pump

You’ve heard of a sump pump, but do you know exactly what it does or how to take care of it? Sump pumps are located in your basement and they are responsible for getting rid of the accumulated water that may be the result of a flood. Sump pumps funnel the water away from your home so that there is minimal damage to both your home’s interior as well as its structure. Here are some tips from our plumber in Northbrook, Il to help you stay one step ahead of potential sump pump problems.

Clean the Screen

You should be checking the screen to your sump pump, called the inlet screen. If this is clogged or blocked in any way, the sump pump as a whole will not work when you need it to! Water should be able to flow without any sort of strain. Ideally, you will be checking the screen of your sump pump once every three months.

Check the Power Cord

It seems simple, but checking your power cord every three months can make or break your experience with your sump pump. You may assume that your sump pump is plugged in, but factors such as pets and children should be taken into consideration as well. A simple check once in a while will give you peace of mind. After all, the last thing that you want to happen is to unexpectedly have your basement flood only to have your sump pump be unplugged the entire time.

The Bucket Test

You should complete the bucket test once every three months as well. Just as it sounds, fill a bucket with water and dump it into the sump pump basin. Once the water level reaches a certain height, your sump pump should automatically turn on. If this doesn’t happen, contact our plumber in Northbrook, IL.

These are the basic “tests” for sump pump. To learn more about our professional pump check up offers click here!

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