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If you need to repair or replace your Water Heater in Northfield or other northern Chicago neighborhoods, BMW Plumbing is the City plumbing company to call. We’ve provided plumbing services in Northfield IL second to done since 1993, and we want to serve you.

Today hot water is an essential part of our daily existence. From showering to cooking, we rely on our water heaters to provide about 2,000 gallons of hot water every month. But when you open the tap and the water runs cold instead of hot, you probably need either to repair or replace your hot water heater.

Either way, call BMW Plumbing at 847-948-8484, and we’ll send a friendly and knowledgeable plumber in Northfield to your home to repair or replace your gas or electric water heater. We take pride in always offering prompt, affordable, expert service that you can count on.

If you’ve been having hot water problems, here are a few of the signs indicating that an older water heater is ready to be replaced.

  • Age – A gas water heater should last 10-12 years, an electric model about 10-15 years. If your water heater is close to the end of its life expectancy, especially if located indoors or in the attic, you may want to consider replacement before it starts leaking.
  • Tinted water – If rust-colored water comes out of the hot water tap, that’s a pretty good indication of a bad heater needing replacement.
  • Temperature – If your water is not as hot as desired or you run out of hot water with normal usage, you may need a new water heater.
  • Moisture – Moisture around the base of the heater may indicate a slow leak.
  • Cold Water – An ice cold shower in the morning is a pretty good sign that something is wrong.
  • Puddles – Water standing in the area around the water heater is a sure sign you need to replace it.

Those last two are obvious, but the truth is most people wait until they’re hit by that cold water shower to call for help.

If you’re unsure about the condition of your hot water heater in Northfield or other northern suburbs of Chicagoland, call us at 847-948-8484. At BMW Plumbing Company, we’re licensed plumbers in Northfield IL with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and you can count on us to find a safe and affordable solution to your hot water heater problem.

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