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The kitchen sink is often the most frequently used sink in your home. Whether washing produce, draining pasta, cleaning dishes, or simply washing your hands, we need our kitchen sink to work at all times. Even for those of us that aren’t crazy about cooking; we want our kitchen to be sanitary and functional.

When fixing a leaky faucet, unblocking a clogged drain, or installing a new sink, it is best to call kitchen sink plumbing professionals at BMW Plumbing Company in Northbrook, Illinois.

Fixing a Kitchen Faucet? Time is of the Essence

Even a slow drip from a leaky faucet can cost you. By fixing a water leak, homeowners can save around 10% on their water bills. On top of the personal gain, repairing a leaky kitchen faucet can help the environment. Nearly 10,000 gallons of water is wasted every year from household leaks. Rather than risk flooding your kitchen with do-it-yourself plumbing, rely on the expert advice and help of a BMW Plumber.


Do you have a clogged sink?

Is your sink draining very slowly or not at all? Does it have an odd, stinky, or off-putting odor? Do you hear gurgling sounds coming from the drain? These are the signs that your sink likely has a clog. With a two-bowl sink, you can tell something is blocking your drain when the water goes down in one bowl and comes up in the other.

Why bring in a professional?

While commercial drain cleaners seem like an inexpensive quick-fix for your draining issues, they are harmful and toxic. Their powerful chemicals can potentially damage your plumbing system and pipes, and even give you a chemical burn if they come in contact with your skin.

If over the counter cleaning supplies are gone, many might consider fixing their drainage issue with an online tutorial. Yet, it is important to keep in mind that plumbing tools like a drain snake or drain auger—the tools professionals often use to unclog sinks—should be handled by an experienced user. Improper use could lead to injury or damage to your plumbing system.

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