Plunger and online tutorials may be enough to fix minor toilet plumbing issues on your own, but let’s face it, dealing with larger toilet repairs can be time-consuming, frustrating, and even nasty and unhealthy. And often, attempts at DIY plumbing service in Lake Bluff can be a short-term solution or cause further damage down the line, creating added expenses and stress.

If your toilet will not flush, is draining too slowly, running non-stop, leaking, or the floor drains are backed up, it’s time to call in the expert plumbers in Lake Bluff IL. The experienced toilet plumbing experts at BMW Plumbing Company in Lake Bluff, IL will work with you to evaluate the situation quickly and repair your toilet at an affordable and up-front price.

Common Toilet Plumbing Issues that Require a Pro

Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet drain could be caused by a build-up of toilet paper or non-flushable items. Try to avoid using commercial drain cleaners to fix a slow or clogged drain. The toxic chemicals found in these cleaners can eventually cause corrosion, eating away at the enamel and creating leaks or small holes in the pipes. Some pipes are not equipped to handle even one use of these harsh chemicals. If a plunger doesn’t do the trick, it’s best to consult with a plumber in Lake Bluff IL.

Running Water

Resolving the mystery of why the toilet is still running can be maddening. This is because there are a number of factors to consider. Running toilet water could be due to a flapper that doesn’t seal, a leaky fill valve, a defective gasket, or a faulty auto-leveling assembly. Skip the detective work and reach out to a professional.

Signs of larger Sewer Problems

If you’re toilet is not flushing, it’s draining slowly, or floor drains are backed up, these could all be potential signs of a bigger plumbing problem with your sewer system. These telltale signs could mean a blocked or even broken sewer line. In other words, it’s time to call in the experts. BMW Plumbing Company in Lake Bluff, IL offers a unique 50-year manufacturer warranty with their trenchless pipe renewal and repair service.


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