Plumbing Tips for New Construction Homes

If you’re in the process of building a new home, you understand both the excitement and frustration that can accompany the process. There are many moving parts that you need to consider in order to ensure your home meets your functional and aesthetic standards. Our plumber in Highland Park, Il wants to help provide guidance on the dos and don’ts of your new construction plumbing project. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

Install Furnace & Water Heater in the Basement

Installing both the furnace and the water heater in the basement is the most convenient place to keep your system both functional yet hidden from plain sight. If your new home won’t have a basement, it’s ideal to install these appliances on the main floor in a utility closet.

Make Main Water Valve Available

The main water shut-off valve is responsible for controlling your home’s water supply, so you’ll want to ensure that it’s in an accessible area of your home. Imagine if a main sewer line were to clog or an unexpected leak were to develop; you want to be able to quickly access your home’s main water line. You’ll want to avoid putting it somewhere tricky to reach such as a crawl space.

Be Mindful of Your Sump Pump

The purpose of your sump pump is to direct pump water that could potentially leak in your basement away from your home. Make sure that the discharge line isn’t connected to the storm sewer and instead directed to an area that isn’t near your home.

Call on our plumber in Highland Park to help you navigate this process to avoid potentially costly plumbing fixes in the future.

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