FAQs About Your Home Drainage System

One of the most important yet overlooked systems in your home is the drainage system. Without a fully functional plumbing and drainage system in your home, even the simplests tasks like brushing your teeth or getting into a warm shower are significantly more difficult. Thankfully, our team is skilled at a wide variety of tasks to ensure your home is running at peak performance; from sump pump repair in Highland Park, IL to helping with water heater issues, we know what it takes to help keep you comfortable year-round.

Q: How often does my sewer need to be cleaned?

A: Don’t panic if you didn’t realize that your sewer needs to be cleaned on a regular basis! Our team recommends that you have your sewer professionally cleaned at least once per year. This cleaning can help minimize any build-up in your lines and prevent further problems from developing.

Q: Why is it taking my toilet so long to drain?

A: In the case that your toilet isn’t properly draining, there may be some sort of blockage causing the issue. Something as seemingly harmless like flushing a makeup wipe or one too many cotton balls can cause an unexpected backup. Regardless of the cause, we will find a solution!

Q: What do gurgling or bubbling noises mean?

A: Many customers call us concerned about gurgling or bubbling noises coming from their sewer line or drains. This is typically the result of a blockage of some sort, which impacts how quickly the water flows through your pipes. The noises are the result of water disruption. We recommend a professional cleaning to combat this issue.

If you have additional questions or concerns about your home’s plumbing system, our team at BMW Plumbing, Inc. is your go-to source for repairs. Please get in touch with our team today to learn more!

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