Emergency Plumbing Solutions

If you’ve never been the victim of a plumbing emergency, consider yourself lucky. It can be scary to think about a simple flush triggering a series of expensive mishaps. As providers of residential plumbing services near Northbrook, Il, our team at BMW Plumbing, Inc. has seen it all, from bad to worse. Here are some DIY emergency plumbing solutions that you can use in a pinch.

Helpful Supplies

Grab a bucket from your home – it will be helpful to not only hold the tools that you are using, but it can also be beneficial in catching water that is leaking as well. Always make sure that you have paper towels and old rags in your “emergency plumbing toolkit” to clean up excess water that your bucket cannot catch. Wrenches are also a good idea, as they are versatile and can cover almost every plumbing-related job. If there is a small but manageable leak, you may want to have a roll of duct tape on hand, as it can help block the leak until a more permanent solution can be made.

Helpful Tips

Make sure that you turn off the water supply as soon as you realize a pipe burst. This will help reduce water damage until one of our professionals can come to your home. When it comes to using wrenches, twist them in opposite directions to help absorb the stress from the plumbing.

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About the Author

I’m Andy Visconi, the Operations Manager at BMW Plumbing since 1999.  When I’m not talking to our many Customers about their plumbing needs, scheduling one of our expert plumbers to a home or business or responding to plumbing emergencies, I can be found spending time with my wife Megan and two children.

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