Common Signs of Bathroom Plumbing Problems

It’s not until you have an issue with your bathroom plumbing that you realize how important it is for everything to be running smoothly. From showering to flushing the toilet, the plumbing in your bathroom endures a lot of wear and tear. At At BMW Plumbing & Sewer, our plumbers near Northbrook, IL have the experience it takes to quickly address these common bathroom plumbing issues, so you and your family can live an undisrupted life.

Your Pipes Are Knocking

If you’re running the shower, flushing the toilet or turning on the faucet and you hear a knocking noise coming from your pipes, this is an issue. Causes of this noise include pressurization of the water pipe after use and loose support straps. It’s best to call our plumber near Northbrook, IL as soon as you hear strange noises because this could lead to a more serious issue.

Slow Drainage

In terms of bathroom issues, there are not many things worse than a shower or sink that drains slowly. By the end of the shower, you may find yourself standing in a puddle. If traditional methods of fixing this problem aren’t working, it may point to a bigger problem such as a broken pipe or pooled water in the main drain.

Cold Water

It’s frustrating when water in your bathroom only stays hot for a small amount of time. If you experience this problem, you could have water heater problems such as a leak. As soon as you realize your water doesn’t stay warm, call our plumber near Northbrook, IL.

Having problems with your bathroom plumbing is frustrating, but it’s important to address the problem before it gets worse. If you’re in need of service, even if it’s an emergency, contact our plumber near Northbrook, IL.

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